Research Overview

Three major divisions – Research and Postgraduate Studies, including Strategic Initiatives and Administration, Internationalisation, and the Library and Information Centre, represent the fulcrum of research excellence at UJ.

1. Research

The Division of Research and Postgraduate Studies supports a range of UJ’s key strategic initiatives, including research, postgraduate studies, innovation and technology transfer and the GES initiative. This report integrates contributions by the Postgraduate School, the Research Office, and the Strategic Initiatives and Administration Unit.

UJ’s accredited research publication output units since 2005


Compound annual rate percentage growth


Accredited books and book chapter units percentage growth


Conference proceedings percentage growth


Journal articles growth percentage

2. Internationalisation

The work of UJ’s Division for Internationalisation, aligned with the university’s Global Excellence and Stature 2025 Strategy, and informed by its mission of inspiring transformation through the collaborative pursuit of knowledge, supports both intra-university, and international partner collaboration.

3. Library and Information Centre

We took several important steps in 2018 to strengthen our leadership in library technologies, by embracing 4IR challenges and innovations. The slogan: ‘Library 4.0 for the Love of Learning’ was coined in 4IR workshops.


During 2018, the Library launched some new services and operating systems, including a book-to-desk service, an automated venue booking system iPhones for shelvers, the provision of offices for visiting academics, and a Writing Centre.


The year saw significant growth in our catalogue collection, and we processed 211% more items than in 2017. There was also a significant increase in online training for students, with the usage of Libguides increasing by 56% from 2017. In 2018, 18 382 first-year students received face-to- face training across the four campuses, and the Online Information Literacy module received 191 487 views.